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What is the ATM Letters?
  • This is electronic based Journal (100% recycling)
  • Available in three different formats Adobe PDF, MS- Word and HTML. The PDF is preferred.
  • It come out 6 time in year (every other month)

  • What you will find in ATM Letters? Which are the journal columns?
  • Cover Page

  • This is the journal’s title page, includes journal logo, issue label, big format picture and list of issue’s highlights
  • Contents

  • This is the issue’s columns summary with paging. Also thumbnail screen shots and very short description will be given.
  • Letters to Editor

  • Here is the place, where the reader can report shortly all related to telescope making, interesting links, journal opinion, notice about present issues or articles, short information or interesting notices. Up to two sites are reserved
  • ATM Guest

  • Here I reserved place for your ATM Group, Association, Observatory or small Company, where you can tell in brief to other ATM about your establishing, experience, interest, works, friends, telescopes and meetings. Photos are welcomed. Up to two sites are reserved.
  • ATM Praxis

  • This column allows you make public to other reader your own built telescope, experience in design, constructing, making, grinding, polishing, testing etc. Pictures, schemes and graphics are highly recommended.
  • Optics ABC

  • Here is the place for shortly and easy described optics key words, for examples aberration types, sign conventions, types of optical surfaces, kind of telescopes etc. Diagrams and pictures will be included.

    The next three columns are the most impressive journal sections:
  • Back to Theory

  • Here is the Treasure Island for all advanced ATM. Any article will include all formulas needed to perform own design and analysis of your telescope. Here will be reviewed in details any telescope system used by the amateur astronomers and professionals, design of eyepieces, field correctors, mirror testing, baffling and collimating etc. Also this section will be edited in connections with the next column, where in the same or the next issue will appear full working program written in different programming languages.
  • Optical Computing

  • This is the programmer corner, maybe the most practical column, which includes useful telescope designs, analyses and testing BASIC programs suggested by readers or written by the editor. All programs will be here (or in the column Back to Theory) theoretical explained. The editor will write additional the same programs also in pascal, java (applets), java scripts and html calculators, which you can use free in your home page. MS-Excel fans will be supplied with a lot of spreadsheets. Here is also place to introduce you in easy way in some numerical methods, used by the amateurs, like interpolation (needed by curve fitting), integration (needed for calculation of wave aberration), 3D graphic plotting etc.
  • Computer and Telescopes

  • This column will report you all about existing telescope design, analysis and mirror testing packages, includes description, program features, mastering of the programs, design file formats, useful types & tricks and discussing useful designs

    This column has two major sub columns called: Software Overview and Test Report
    All discussed designs, will be tested with different packages (for example MODAS, ZEMAX, OSLO, OpTaliX, VOB, ATMOS etc.) and the results finally compared.

  • Attached

  • This will include list of all attached ATM related freeware programs with short function description. For the reader here are possible two ways to receive the programs:
    1. As attachment to the issue e-mailing, if possible to receive large files
    2. As download link from software home- or download- page

  • ATM Update

  • This column will inform you about new book publication, new software releases, of course all ATM related.

  • ATM Explorer

  • This is online related column. Here you will find interesting links and downloads, to extend your ATM know-how.
  • Bibliography

  • Here you will find quantity bibliographic data about history of optics, telescopes, telescope making, astronomy, famous optician and astronomers, old observatories, antique telescopes, books and magazines bibliography etc.

    This column has two major sub columns called:
    1. Pioneers in Optics
    2. Rambling through the Years
    All interested ATM can suggest for publication article in any column.
    ATM Letters report you all about telescope making written from ATM to ATM. It will both arouse your curiosity and answer your questions. Why are there so many different kinds of telescopes? Why does each type have to offer? What makes one telescope better than another? Which are the best? Why? As telescope maker you will be best informed and will be able to design professional your telescopes. Each issue includes a lot of programs, designed to allow you to quickly and easy evaluate the performance of telescope systems, designed to be simple and intuitive to use and will help you become an optical expert and make sense to you.

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