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My name is Ivan Krastev and I am professional optician and have a university degree as physicist. I have great experience in programming and optical computing. I am Pascal and Delphi programmer. I have great experience in development of special software, for example I wrote my first optical design and analysis software for the Apple II computer, which was first demonstrated in 1986, I then developed my software for other computers, the most significant being the IBM PC (MS-DOS and MS-Windows 95, 98, NT platforms). I write also astronomical and image processing Software. I have experience with all optical design and analysis software, like ZEMAX, SIGMA, OSLO, OpTaliX, CODE V, VOB etc. I am have been also an amateur astronomer and telescope maker for more than 20 years. I have experience practically with making (grinding, polishing, testing, control, mechanic, etc.) of all telescope systems, custom and special optics. After the advertisement of my "Telescope Design and Analysis Tools" in "Sky & Telescope" magazine, (October issue, 1997, Software Showcase, p.65) over 100 amateur astronomers (around the world) contacted me. Many amateurs use the RAYTRACE.EXE of Harrie Rutten and Martin Venrooij, but this program is compiled (executable file) and cannot be changed. The amateur astronomers and telescope makers are particularly glad, that my tools were in BASIC (source code), so they can extend, change and customize it for own needs. Much more, a working skew raytracing numerical method for amateurs (without bugs) was not published. Some telescope makers also ask for tools for advanced amateur astronomers and programmers.

So I wrote new powerful optical design library in conjunction with my first "Telescope Design and Analysis Tools". This is MODAS - Modern Optical Design and Analysis Software, written in Borland Pascal 7.0 for MS-DOS. Some months latter I made my program Windows 95, 98 and NT compatible, i.e. wrote it in Borland Delphi 3 (Inprise Inc).

With MODAS, you are receiving the results of more than 15 years of my experience in optical design and software development. The entire optical design software for Windows provides a combination of quality of MODAS together with the convenience, flexibility and computation speed of a well-designed Windows program.

I would be very pleased if I can do with my new program useful to the numerous advanced amateur astronomers and telescope makers. Finally, I wish to thank you Philip Philipov for the idea of this program and my friend, Italian amateur astronomer and telescope maker Massimo Riccardi for the common work that accompanied the testing of this program during a period of long time.

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