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This is a comprehensive list of most popular professional and ATM's optical design and analyisis software:

ATM's Software

  • ATMOS - Amateur Telescope Makers Optical Software, written by Massimo Riccardi
  • Aberrator - Freeware Startesting Software, written by Cor Berrevoets
  • Star Tester and Plop - Freeware Startesting and Mirror Cells Optimization, written by David Lewis and Toshimi Taki

  • Friends

  • Charls Rydel, France ATM related articles and useful links
  •, Internet's most comprehensive german site
  • Introduction to Astrography by Pencho Markishky (cyrilic)
  • Fred's Lamothe Surplus Shed Optics at lower Price
  • Kevin's Delany A Superior Foucault Tester
  • Doug's Miller Northern Lights Optics

  • The Best ATM's Links of Links

  • Acretion Disk ATM Resources
  • Amateurs Astronomes du Luxembourg
  • Astra's Star Gate
  • Astrogea Software
  • Astromart Classifieds
  • Astronomy Programs
  • Software
  • Delaware Astronomical Society
  • Desert Vista Astronomy
  • DMOZ Amateur telescope Making
  • DMOZ Optical Design Software
  • European ATM resource list
  • Greenwich Observatory links
  • GAS Web Links
  • Jan van Gastel's ATM's links
  • Japtik by Marcel Schmittfull
  • Mel Bartels ATM's links
  • Telescopes in Education (TIE)
  • Northern Lights Optics
  • Sky & Telescope Resources
  • Astronomy Free Software
  • Volkssterrenwacht Mira ATM's links
  • Willie Koort's ATM's links
  • David Weiller's Optics 20001

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